Walter, Amalric (1870-1959)


Walter, Amalric – An exquisitely detailed “hanneton” (cockchafer) presse papier by the design of Henri Bergé (1870-1937). Nancy, 1920-1924. Height: 4 cms. Condition : mint.

Walter started his own little factory in Nancy after the first World War in 1919. Before the war he had been working for the Daum factory in Nancy. For them he developed the ‘pâte-de-verre’ technique. At the beginning of the 20th century, working for Daum, he also occasionally worked together with Charles Schneider. The first two years of his independency he worked all alone, but had a continuing collaboration with Henri Bergé. As from 1921 he hired his first employee, by 1925 he had tens. Walter managed to become quite successful with his ‘pâte-de-verre’ sculptures of animals, women, paperweights and vases. He sought artistic assistance and collaborated with several renowned artists who usually co-signed the objects.