Primavera, l’atelier (1923-1926) – Vase in earthenware with metallic glaze and a decoration of ‘Marabous’. Designed and execution for the art department Primavera, “atelier d’art des grands magasins du printemps”, by Faïencerie de Saint Radegonde (Touraine). France – 1923-1926

Atelier “Primavera” started in 1912 by René Guilleré (1878-1931) and Pierre Laguionie (manager of the warehouse ‘le Printemps’). In these workshops ceramic objects were produced by the many young artists they attracted to design for them. They were sold through this special art department. The company took part in all major ‘Salons’ of decorative arts as the renowned “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et industrielles modernes” in Paris in 1925, where they had their own pavilion. Between 1923 and 1926 the Primavera workshop was led by the famous ceramist René Buthaud (1886-1986), who might have been the designer of this vase.