Martel, Joël et Jan

Martel, Joël et Jan (1896-1966) – “Pigeon á queue plat” A pigeon made of painted ‘terre cuite’ in a rather cubist / abstract form. The twin brothers Joël et Jan worked closely together. In 1912 they both went to the “Académie des Arts Decoratifs”. They were close friends with the architect Rob Mallet Stevens who built them a studio in the the apartment complex he designed at the Rue Mallet Stevens (16th arr.) in Paris. The interior was designed by this threesome and Jean Prouvé. They took part in many ‘salons’ ; “Salon des indépendants”; “Salon d’Automne”, “Salon des Tuileries” and, of course also at the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industrielles Modernes” in 1925. They experimented with various materials for their sculpture. The pigeon represented here was also produced in rosewood, bronze and stone and lakarmé. (see additional photo’s). Being born on the same day, they both also died in the same year. Height: 34 cms. Width: 27 cms. Depth: 13 cms. Condition: Good considering age.