Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942)

Yvette Guilbert was a famous singer, actress (chanteuse et diseuse) in ‘fin-de-siècle’ Paris. Leonetto Cappiello, made caricaturist drawings of many celebrities for magazines of the period (a.o. “Le Rire”). But foremost he is famous by his lithographic posters, but he also made some applied art. Next to this sculpture he also made sculptures in plaster of compatriots of Guilbert; Jeanne Granier and Réjane. One of the first examples (as is this one) were bought by Arsène Alexandre, artistic director of the weekly “Le Rire”, in which he referes to these statues as:” Ces(…)bibelots charmants, quintessence de féminisme et de Parisianisme, (…)peuvent et doivent prendre place dans les collections les plus dificiles comme dans les intérieurs les plus élégants et les plus raffinés”.

Height: 35 cms. Width: 23,5 cms,  Depth: 17,4 cms.

This statue is also in the collection of:

Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Musée Carnavalet, Paris.