del Marle, Lucie

del Marle, Lucie – (1923-2012) – This decorative sculpture of a woman with a radar wheel and standing on seaweed vegetation with a sea snake, is made of patinated plaster. Lucie del Marle was the daughter of the famous futurist painter FĂ©lix del Marle (1889-1952). This sculpture has strong and significant Art Deco features and I would date it at the end of the twenties and beginning of the thirties. However, Lucie was born in 1923, therefor it would be quite impossible that, at an age of eight, she could sculpt a statue like this. Her father’s second name is Lucien, so it might also be made by him as tribute to his daughter. H.: 75 cms. Condition: Some restorations to the plaster. The detectable lines seen, are of the fabrication and build-up of the plaster.