Becquerel, André Vincent

Becquerel, André Vincent (1893-1981) – A sculpture of a reclining cat in ‘taille directe’ in Parisian limestone (pierre de Paris). Paris – 1925-1930. Height (incl. base) 19,5 cms., Width: 37,5 cms., Depth: 23 cms. One ear is professionally restored.

The French sculptor Becquerel was a true ‘animalier’. His favourite objects were domestic and wild cats but also birds of prey. He was a member of the ‘Société des Artistes Francais’ (S.A.F.) where he regularly took part in their ‘Salons”. As many other artists he frequently visited the “Jardin des plantes” for inspiration. Many of his works were executed in bronze, stone (‘taille directe’) sculptures occur less frequently.