Bitter, Ary

Bitter, Ary (1883-1973) – A plaster sculpture of a wisent (bison). Height: 21 cms., Width: 31 cms., Depth: 10 cms. France, 1920 – 1925.

Ary Bitter was mainly known for his animal sculptures. Next to this work in plaster he also executed sculptures in ceramic, (marble) stone, terracotta and bronze. Some of his ceramic works were executed by the Sèvres factory. With a won scholarship he attended the “École Nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts”. He exhibited as from 1910 at the ‘salon des artistes francais’ (S.A.F.) where in 1913 he was awarded a bronze medal. Later on he exhibited with other major animaliers, such as: Paul Sylvestre, Roger Godchaux and Georges Guyot. The bronze founder Susse Frères edited 29 of his sculpture designs.