Philipp, Marie

This extraordinary cupboard was designed by Marie Philipp. It was executed by Arthur S. Ball, who was a furniture designer and cabinet maker in Berlin. Philipp was a pupil of the Swedish architect Alfred Grenander. It has strong ‘Darmstadt’ features. It has curvilinear handles and inlays. Material: Mahogany veneer, rosewood and horn (ivory) inlays and bronze handles. H.: 1.85 m. Width: 1,0 m. Period: 1900-1905.

Lit.: Swarsenski, Georg; die Ausstellung K√ľnstlerischer Innenr√§ume der Fa. A.S. Ball. / Kunstgewerbeblatt, Bd. XIV, Leipzig, August 1905, S. 202 for similar furniture by Philipp.