Fix Masseau, Pierre Félix

Fix Masseau, Pierre Félix (1869-1937) – This large and rare ‘pâte-de-verre’  plaque was designed by the famous Art Nouveau sculptor Fix Masseau. The plaque has a mysterious and symbolists glow to it. Fix Masseau was a student at the “École des Beaux Arts” and was director of the “École des Arts Décoratifs” in Limoges. Best known for his sculpture “Le secret” which is to be found, as are other objects, in the “Musée d’Orsay” in Paris, which has a vast and beautiful Art Nouveau collection. H.: 18 cms. Width: 13,7 cms. Period: 1900-1905. Condition: Some minor chips at the back of the plaque, which is not seen lying flat or framed.