D’Avesn, Pierre


D’Avesn, Pierre (Pierre Girre) started his career in the factory of René Lalique. He was in charge of the production of the ‘cire perdue’ vases by Lalique. After Lalique he had a long career working for other glass companies. But in 1927 Paul Daum (of the Daum Nancy brothers) set up a factory in Croismare, the “Verrerie d’art Lorrain” where he was made head of factory and design (‘chèf déquipe’).  D’Avesn designed vases and lamps in pressed glass and some with wrought iron. This is a rather impressive and sensational lamp. The wrought iron base has the same modeling and structure as the pressed glass bowl on top. Accentuated with gold patinated wybert forms. Croismare, 1928-1930. Height: ± 1.90m. Price: on request. In 1932 the factory was closed down.

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